LZAKMR Z40 4G SmartWatch: Upgraded Performance with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM, Powered by Android 11

LZAKMR Z40 4G SmartWatch Upgraded Performance with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM, Powered by Android 11

The LZAKMR Z40 is undeniably one of the most advanced 4G smartwatches available in the market in 2023, offering a multitude of impressive features at an affordable price point. This Android-based smartwatch phone boasts a sleek circular design, making it a stylish and fashionable accessory suitable for both men and women. With dimensions of 52*52*17mm and a weight of approximately 70g, it strikes the perfect balance between comfort and functionality. On the right side of the case, you'll find two physical buttons, neatly positioned alongside an 8MP camera, while an additional 2MP camera is embedded on the top. Turning the device over reveals the typical configuration of magnetic contacts for charging and a heart rate sensor.

Crafted from a combination of zinc alloy and a ceramic bezel, the body of the Lzakmr Z40 smartwatch exudes a sense of durability and elegance. The strap options for this smartwatch are available in both silicone and steel, allowing users to personalize their experience according to their preferences. The centerpiece of the Z40 4G smartwatch is its expansive 1.6-inch IPS Full round Display, which showcases vibrant visuals with a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels. Furthermore, this Android-powered timepiece offers a wide array of watch faces to choose from, ensuring that users can customize their device to match their individual style. The sleek black color variant adds a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic.

LZAKMR Z40 4G SmartWatch Upgraded Performance with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM, Powered by Android 11

Now, let's delve into the impressive features that the Z40 4G Smartwatch has to offer. One notable aspect of this device is its dual-system functionality, enabling users to utilize it as a standalone smartwatch with a bright and responsive display, supporting touch gestures and the installation of various applications from the Play Store. Alternatively, it can also function as a simple fitness tracker, with the brightness minimized to conserve battery life. Boasting 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory, coupled with the powerful Android 11.0 OS, the Z40 smartwatch ensures optimal performance, seamless multitasking, and an enhanced user experience. It empowers users to download and enjoy their favorite applications, taking full advantage of the Android ecosystem.

The Z40 is not just an ordinary smartwatch; it is a fully standalone device capable of making calls without relying on a smartphone. It provides comprehensive connectivity options, including support for Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, GPS/GLONASS, and Bluetooth, allowing users to stay connected wherever they go. Additionally, this feature-packed wearable incorporates a range of useful functions such as a heart rate monitor, SPO2 measurement, pedometer, and a diverse selection of multi-sport modes to cater to various fitness enthusiasts. Moreover, it provides weather updates and numerous other utilities, making it an indispensable companion for everyday life. To ensure uninterrupted usage, the gadget is equipped with a robust 900mAh battery, offering up to 1-2 days of normal usage on a single charge.

In conclusion, the LZAKMR Z40 4G smartwatch stands out as an exceptional offering in the smartwatch market of 2023. With its elegant circular design, expansive IPS display, dual-system functionality, ample storage capacity, and an impressive array of features, this Android-powered timepiece provides an unrivaled user experience. Whether you're seeking a standalone smartwatch or a reliable fitness companion, the Z40 exceeds expectations with its performance, connectivity options, and extended battery life. At a reasonable price point, it represents a remarkable value proposition for individuals in search of a versatile and feature-rich smartwatch.

Lzakmr Z40 4G Smartwatch Full Specs:

The Lzakmr Z40 4G Smartwatch boasts an extensive range of specifications that contribute to its impressive performance and functionality. Let's take a closer look at the full specs of this remarkable device:

Device Model: Z40

  • Shape: Circular
  • Dimensions: 52*52*17mm
  • Weight: Approximately 70g
  • SIM Card: Nano-SIM card


- Type: IPS

- Screen Size: 1.6 inches

- Screen Resolution: 400*400 pixels

Operating System:

- Android Version: Android 11.0 OS


- RAM: 6GB

- ROM: 128GB


- Rear Camera: 8MP

- Front Camera: 2MP


- CPU: UMS312 + PAR2822

- NFC: Not supported

Fitness and Sports Features:

- Multi-sports Modes: Yes

- Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

Audio Features:

- Microphone: Yes

- Speaker: Yes

Waterproof: Not specified


- GPS: Yes

- Bluetooth: Yes

Network Connectivity:

- 4G: Supported

- Wi-Fi: Supported

Strap Options:


- Steel


- Battery Capacity: 900mAh

- Standby Time: 1-2 days


- Price Range: $$ (Prices are below average)

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