Noise Explorer: A Special Watch For Kids Launched In India

Everyone is familiar with Noise. It is an Indian-based brand known for manufacturing high-quality audio devices and smart wearables. Noise already has a huge smartwatch collection, and thus, the company tried to introduce something new. Noise recently launched the Explorer smartwatch, a smart wearable for kids. Though Noise Explorer is designed for kids, it comes with interesting and advanced features. The Noise Explorer is a distinct launch from the brand in the last few months, and thus, it is creating interest among netizens. So, let’s dive deep into the specs and features of this amazing watch.

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Noise Explorer Specs

Noise Explorer features the same design as any other standard smartwatch. However, instead of a crown, the watch comes with a multifunctional button. This button will help kids navigate and operate the watch easily and quickly. The frame is made of standard metal, and the strap is soft & comfortable. The build quality is good, and the watch comes with an IP68 water-resistant rating. The device is lightweight also, so your kid will not bear any discomfort.

Now, remember that this watch is designed for kids, so it doesn’t come with a health suit. Simply put, the watch doesn’t have any health monitoring sensors and fitness tracker features. However, the watch can count steps, and thus, it will indicate the calories burned based on step counts. Interestingly, it has smart reminders allowing kids to manage their time and perform specified tasks on specified times. It is a very appreciated feature.

The important thing is Noise Explorer is a 4G watch, and that means the watch supports cellular connectivity. You can insert a nano SIM for 4G,3G, & 2G connectivity. Now, it’s obvious that this watch has an inbuilt microphone and speaker to enjoy high-quality voice calling. The main highlight of the device is the 2MP camera that allows kids and parents to enjoy a smooth and stable video calling experience. This will make parents closer to their kids every time.

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Noise Explorer Security Features

A kid smartwatch is mainly used to improve security and safety. And the Noise Explorer will not disappoint you in terms of security & safety. Firstly, the watch comes with an SOS feature, and a kid can use the SOS simply by pressing & holding the button. Secondly, the watch comes with an inbuilt GPS, allowing parents to enable geo-fencing. Parents can also mark the safe and dangerous zones. Most importantly, parents have full control over the watch and kid’s activity using the Noise Amigo app.

Noise Explorer Price & Availability

Like every smart device, it can also distract kids, and thus, the company has provided a special School mode that will ensure prevention against distractions, making the device fully safe and secure for kids. The watch is available in Wonder Pink and Phantom Blue colors. Noise Explorer price in India is Rs 5,999, and you can purchase it from Noise’s official website. The sale has already started.

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